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Every woman who is pregnant or has a new baby should be surrounded with the supports they need during this important time. 

However, not every woman has shelter, stability or support. Some may be at risk of violence, experience homelessness or be completely isolated.  

For 23 years, Karinya House has provided immediate support for women who are pregnant or have new babies and have nowhere else to turn.  We provide safe housing, counselling, support during pregnancy and birth and connections to health, welfare, legal, educational and financial services.  

To do this, Karinya House has a team of Case Workers, Counsellors, Midwives and a purpose build secure accommodation facility which is home for 10 women and their children at any one time.  We also support up to 40 women and their children in the community at any one time through our outreach services.  Karinya House relies on the community to donate 50% of the funding needed to provide vital services to women and their new born babies.   

Women and children who are supported by Karinya House go on to make a home, access education, gain employment and engage in their communities.  The change that Karinya House creates is transformational and has a positive impact on future generations.  

Karinya House is a community based organisation.

We invite you to support women who are pregnant or early parenting in our community. Support the women living in peace and safety at Karinya House. Support the women we walk alongside who live in their homes in our Canberra Community.

Each year Karinya House walks with over 200 women who are pregnant or early parenting, and their babies and families, from within our Canberra Region community. We support almost 100 more with information, advice and referral, as well as material support, where full casework support is not required. Over 350 Support Periods are provided.  Almost 30,000 service hours are provided, with each service hour costing only $66 per hour.

The women we support have very little other support. Every woman who is pregnant or has a new baby should be surrounded with the supports they need during this important time.​ However, not every woman has shelter, stability or support. Some may be at risk of violence, experience homelessness or be completely isolated.  

Our primary service is best practice casework support.  One of our senior Caseworkers and her co-Caseworker received cards from a woman they have supported. Each card said…
Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I could not have come this far without you. Thank you for being a huge part in making my life better.”

With you, we can be the partner, the mother, the family, the sister, the brother who walks with a woman in crisis. Be a Friend and walk with us. Be the Village with us.

Help us be the person.  Become a Friend of Karinya today.

Karinya House Home For Mothers & Babies Inc is endorsed as a Charity and Deductible Gift Recipient.  All monetary donations greater than $2 are tax deductible.   



Karinya House has been a recipient of bequests in the past and this very special support from Friends of Karinya is a most privileged gift. Leaving a bequest in your will can mean a world of difference to Karinya.

If you would like to include a bequest to Karinya House in your will, please contact us for further information.

In lieu of flowers

Making a donation to Karinya House in lieu of sending flowers to funerals or memorial services is a wonderful way to honour the memory of friends and family, while making a valuable contribution to the work of Karinya House.

In-memoriam gifts can be encouraged in funeral notices or obituary listings.

If you wish to make a donation in lieu of flowers, please use the link below.

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