Our eclectic group of supporters continues to expand….

During 2017 we have been so pleased to meet and have the support of Lieutenant General David Morrison AO. We first met David through a phone call in late January. David called us and said to the very startled caseworker who answered the phone, that he would like us to have use of his Australian of the Year, Audi vehicle. The vehicle was provided through the Audi Centre Canberra, courtesy of Richard Rolfe. Richard kindly supported David’s idea, even though we did make mention that the vehicle would be used to transport pregnant and post-natal women, babies, toddlers and possibly women in labour!  No worries to anyone.  The vehicle has been put through its paces this year, and is still transporting women and babies and toddlers.

In October, the wonderful Nishi Gallery, part of the Ovolo Nishi complex, was generously provided as the venue for an intimate gathering with David, in an event seeking new Friends and Champions of Karinya House. We need to increase our circle of supporters to help us generate our annual $700,000 donor revenue target!  The lovely Genevieve Jacobs very kindly emceed the evening for us. We thank volunteers Francis Corkhill and Nicole Short who again assisted with the organisation of this event as well. Members of the Canberra Symphony Orchestra provided some lovely music as well.

David’s words were pertinent and heartfelt. Our Executive Director, Marie-Louise also spoke at the event, sharing the very personal story of one of our women, who came to us pregnant and from sleeping the night before in a doorway, with her toddler resting on her chest, having escaped a violent partner some days previously.

As does happen – well not often to us – we did have occasion to visit the Nishi Gallery again in November. This time, for an evening with Melbourne Based Yahav Ran who runs an amazing business called Paris99.  The wonderful Canberra Symphony Orchestra, as part of their community engagement program, hosted Yahav Ran, and this event at the Nishi Gallery, with Karinya House as the nominated Charity Partner.   Yahav is a wonderful, generous man and this event, intimate in nature, was one of fun and fashion, and we thank all of those involved.

The support of the Canberra Symphony Orchestra this year, as well as the continued support of Ovolo Nishi, is welcome. They provide elements that support our services in ways that would be unattainable to us in normal circumstances.

We thank those who have offered their support as a result of these evenings. We welcome anyone who wuld like to contact us direclty about offering annual recurring financial support to help us sustain the deliver of our services into the future.

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