The Rotary Clubs “Pantry Project” is continuing into 2019/2020.  A very effective practical assistance partnership, initiated in March 2018 by the Rotary Club of Aurora Gungahlin, and extended beyond the Group 5 Rotary Clubs…

The Group 5 Rotary Clubs are

Rotary Club of Aurora Gungahlin Rotary Club of Ginninderra Rotaract UC Rotary Club of Yass Rotary Club of Gungahlin Rotary Club of Hall

The wonderful Rotary Club of Belconnen has also  become involved, as well as other individuals, a book club and other groups who have heard about the initiative and participated by dropping off items to the collection points, as have many Rotarians individually.

We were copied into an email recently confirming the 2019/2020 “pantry roster” and it was simply just one that struck a cord. We wanted to share it with you (with permission).

From: Rosemary

Sent: Wednesday, 9 October 2019 8:46 AM
Subject: Fwd: Karinya House Pantry Roster 2019-2020

Dear all,

Thank you for the continuing support you provide Karinya house through the personal donations of pantry items or through the provision of support through the Community Service Activities of your clubs.I’ve copied this to those members of whom I have email addresses.  I’d be grateful if you could pass this on to the relevant person in your club and get them to let me know who they are so that I can more readily target my messages.

This is just a reminder for this quarter October to December for Ginninderra, Gungahlin and Aurora Gungahlin Clubs who are on this roster.

Revised 16 June 2019

Rotation for period July 2019 to June 2020

July Hall January Hall
August Yass February Yass
September Rotoract March Rotoract
October Ginninderra April Ginninderra
November Gungahlin May Gungahlin
December Aurora Gungahlin June Aurora Gungahlin

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards



A relaxed and friendly service club working in partnership with the community, for the community.

This partnership means so much in so many ways.  It speaks of collaboration, respect, recognition, care …. spanning across areas of our Canberra Region.  It also makes a difference to us financially, as the monthly pantry contributions – which go far beyond the pantry at times – reduce our direct financial expense in this area of support. Each monthly gift would average around $300-$400 in value.  Sometimes the collections will include Gift Vouchers (Coles/Woolworths etc) which are very helpful to provide direct support to individual women.  Or there are household items such as dinner sets or the like that seem to come just in time to go with a woman who is exiting to her new home.  The deliveries come in a flurry of joy and good spirit … and they lift our spirits too!

We thank all our Rotarian Friends!  You are indeed a very important part of the Karinya Village.   Always inspiring.

Images below are of some Rotary deliveries in past months!