Karinya House is very pleased and proud to warmly welcome new Major Corporate Partner, Connect3i.  Executive Director, James Hall, is no stranger to Karinya House, and we were so pleased to receive his call, proposing a new partnership between Connect3i and Karinya House, during our recently launched annual matched giving day.

All Corporate Partnerships are valued by us as they speak firstly about respect and recognition. We have shared organisational values with Connect3i, (Integrity, Innovation and Inspiration), and we are proud to be partnered with this value-based company and veteran owned business headquartered in our Canberra community.  For Karinya House, our greatest organisational asset are our people, our employees, both staff and volunteers, and Connect3i has a focus on people that matches our own.

We asked James a few questions about why he seeks to invest as a Major Corporate Partner, in the services of Karinya House, supporting women in our community.  This is what he said.

I have been a supporter of Karinya House since 2017, joining as a volunteer.

The Karinya House values aligned well with Connect3i’s.  We value community, help and supporting each other. Additionally, the Karinya House model is about changing lives and not just providing a quick solution. We were really touched about the services offered to vulnerable woman in Canberra, particularly the way they were supported to get back on their feet and make a real change in their lives.  Karinya supports woman in their most vulnerable and lonely time. The care, services and support offered by the staff and volunteers at Karinya is making a significant difference in these womens’ lives. Connect3i is proud to support these efforts.

Everyday we see the value of our investment in how we see Karinya House support women. We see  first hand exactly what difference to the community Karinya makes, and our financial contributions are making a difference. This is what we love at Connect3i – to make a difference in peoples’ lives.

We welcome and thank you James, and all the team at Connect3i. We value your partnership with us supporting women in our community. You share our belief that every woman who is pregnant or has a new baby should be surrounded with the supports they need during this important time.