As we head toward December 2022 and the season of giving, we reflect on what has been a year of transition for Karinya House. In whatever way you celebrate this time of year, between the old year and the new year, and across the southern hemisphere summer, we invite you to ponder the women supported by our community, through Karinya House, who are seeking their new directions.

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For Karinya, we moved beyond the tenure of our wonderful Executive Director, Marie-Louise Corkhill who retired earlier this year. What a legacy she has left behind for us to build upon. Marie-Louise continues to support Karinya as a Committee Member and a valued Friend of Karinya.

Under the caretaking stewardship of Belinda Munn, Chief Executive Officer – Interim, the 2022 year has been one that reflects the increasing challenges of our times, which affect each and every one of us in our journeys in different ways.  There have been many milestones across the 2022 year, and you, our Karinya Village, have stood alongside us. Belinda and all of us here at Karinya thank you, the Village of Karinya for your support.

We look forward to welcoming Lavinia Tyrrel, the incoming Chief Executive Officer, whose tenure will begin in March 2023, and we know the Karinya Village will continue to walk alongside with us all, supporting women in our community.

We have so much love and gratitude to everyone who has supported Karinya House over 2022. As we have said, it has been a year of continuing and arising challenges. Amidst these challenges there are two critical issues impacting Karinya House, and more importantly, the women we walk alongside.

The housing crisis is a situation that has no short-term solutions, but its impacts are deep and intersectional.  Safe, affordable and accessible housing is critical to every aspect of one’s life journey.  The housing and homelessness situation across Australia is critical, increasingly so and is a reflection of failed government policies supporting structural inequities. We hope for change. For Karinya, one of the outcomes sought by every woman is safe, affordable housing for themselves and their children. For the past twelve months and beyond, this outcome has become increasingly unattainable, and the impact can be debilitating, affecting their journey, interfering with their direction.

Compounding this is the increased cost of living, driven in part by the climate crisis, and in part by existing fiscal and economic frameworks under stress.  Everyone is impacted by the increased cost of living. This impacts the women we walk alongside in the basic provisions of food and shelter, and their capacity to manage and influence the directions they are able to choose to take in their lives and the lives of their children. The impact for Karinya is being felt as donations slow significantly.  The support of donors is necessary for the sustainability of our service delivery.

The beautiful artwork for this year’s Christmas Appeal, created and donated by our ‘resident artist’, Stephanie Corkhill-Hyles, is titled “Finding Your Direction“. The brief was something to describe the Karinya Village in 2022. We love this year’s image! We hope you do also.  May it be something that brings hope.

You are welcome to support our 2022 Christmas Time Appeal via the links below.  If you are making your donation as a gift for Friends of Family, you are welcome to print this eCard.

A Christmas Season Gift in 2022 – Donate Here

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