Every year in May, Karinya House celebrates the women in our community who inspire us and we always invite our Karinya village to celebrate with us.  Part of this Appeal is normally the Annual Mother’s Day Gala Dinner, celebrated the Friday evening, 9 days before Mother’s Day. This event had occurred every year since the year 2000.  Last year, 2020, the Gala Dinner was postponed (due to COVID-19) and the May Day Appeal was launched, raising an astonishing (and very much needed) $62,619. 

Celebrating Women May 2021 – Donate Here

Karinya House has decided to again postpone the Annual Gala Dinner to 2022. So mark your calendars now – 29 April 2022 – and save the date, for this celebration which will be an evening of dinner and dancing (we hope), with the Mystery Wine Draw just to complete the fun and frivolity. It will simply be a celebration, in a new way.  Our wish is for this event to focus on the respectful recognition of the women we walk alongside. Keeping it simple and fun will also minimise the cost of event management (by Karinya personnel) and ensure the event remains accessible on a cost per ticket basis.

This year 2021, we do invite you to have your own “Gala at Home” during May 2021.  Perhaps there are some aspiring Master Chefs or Mini Chefs amongst you.  Or you might order a home delivery from your favourite place to support local.  Your menu options could include an invitation to your guests to make a small donation online to our May Day Appeal.  We would love to see your “Gala at Home” set up and maybe a few images across social media. #galaathome @karinyahouse #supportingwomen #supportinglocal #ourcommunity

We  know our community of support will also support the online May Day Appeal each year.  We do rely on this major fundraising appeal each year.  2020 has been a year to challenge each and every one of us.  At Karinya House we have seen the impact of these challenges on lives already bearing the impact of structural inequalities which exist within our societies. We have also benefitted tremendously by the support of our community.

We are still in awe of the May-Day Appeal result for 2020 – on top of the impact of the 2019/20 bushfires and COVID-19, the total of funds raised – $62,619 – surpassed the total raised during any previous May Appeal/Gala Dinner.  Your support has made a significant difference to us at a very critical time in our organisation’s history, as well as sustaining us throughout our history.

Every woman who is pregnant or has a new baby, should be surrounded with the support she needs. One of the main supports is time. Karinya House invests time to support each individual woman we walk alongside.

At Karinya House we know that if we invest early and walk alongside a woman over the long term, how her life proceeds can be profoundly impacted, and life trajectories changed, not just for her. Your donations demonstrate, tangibly, you believe this also.

Australian research has indicated that the following are critical in providing specialist services to the women and children Karinya House walks alongside:

  • Allowing a woman to stay with Karinya House for as long as is needed.
  • Intensive support and advocacy by professionals, including a health professional, who understands how homelessness and violence impacts of pregnancy and early parenting.
  • Supporting women and their babies through and beyond a period of homelessness, ensuring housing has every opportunity to remain stable and safe.
  • Working closely with other agencies within the community, health, housing and education sectors, providing holistic care, without duplication.
  • Peer support.

At Karinya House, we are privileged to journey with women in a very personal way sharing part of their lives for a while.  Our practice incorporates all of the points above. We give the gift of time. You help us do this, as part of a unique funding framework, a collaborative partnership of government, corporate and community funding. This funding is the vital base allowing us to provide the time and presence of caseworkers and health professionals to journey with women at a critical time in their lives.

Donate today toward the cost of providing an individual woman a tailored, comprehensive continuum of care. We believe time is priceless for the part it can play in human relationships and connections.