Our amazing partnership with Burley Strength began this year and we are so glad and grateful for it!

Since this year, owner of Burley Strength, John Sheridan, has provided the use of the venue on a weekly basis, for the women we support. Additionally, Burley Strength coach, Jess Gilbert, provides her time and expertise to coach the women and create customised workout programs tailored to the individual needs of the women. Over this year, 11 women have had the opportunity to participate in the group.  Vicki, our lovely volunteer has also attended all the sessions, where she has cared for six children over the year (so that mum can focus on her training!).

Today was our final session at Burley Strength. Besides the usual training and hard work by our women, this session was a little different, as we had also had Christmas gift giving – which was enjoyed by all.

Gift giving was enjoyed by all!

We have received some wonderful feedback from the women about how good the program has been for their physical as well as mental health. Not to mention, the women have achieved real progress in their strength and their ability to work hard and achieve goals they had not thought possible. Their enthusiasm to do things they did not think they were physically capable of has been very inspiring to us. We really look forward to 2019 and the continuing partnership with Burley Strength.

Our wonderful volunteer, Vicki with a cute pair.

Coach, Jess in green Burley shirt, with our women working really hard on their personal programs.

Three little participants!