Karinya House is moving to a new Home. We invite the community to help us so that this can be a place where women can call ‘Home’ for while; where they can build their ‘Hope’; where they can dream their new ‘Horizon’. Karinya House – Home. Hope. Horizon.

It is estimated that the new Home for Karinya House will be completed by the end of 2015. This new facility, being constructed by the ACT Government for lease by Karinya House, will double Karinya’s residential accommodation capacity. Further, it will provide a designated area for the provision of outreach support including our group activities program.

View the Site Plan for Karinya’s new home.

The facility will include a special Mother and Baby Unit as part of the ACT Government’s ‘Strengthening High Risk Families’ program. This expansion exemplifies best practice with collaborative partnerships encompassing community, corporate and government sectors. This relationship is critical to the provision of residential and outreach support to the most vulnerable women in our community.

The move for Karinya House will also involve renewed funding endeavours in partnership with government, private and corporate sectors. The relocation and refurbishment costs will require significant corporate and community support, both financially and in-kind.

This new complex has been a long term vision of the organisation and we are proud that it has come to fruition. As Karinya moves into our next phase as an organisation, we know the magnanimous support of the wider community will continue to grow along with us.

To see how the site is progressing, visit our photo gallery.