The Inaugural Bison Bake-Off! 8 October. For Karinya House!

For the next three weeks (and beyond) please follow Bison Home and enjoy the beauty of ‘Botanica’ as created by the fabulous Brian Tunks and his friends.

‘Botanica’ – Is “an exhibition celebrating Spring and Design in the bisonhome showroom” located at 8 Beltana Road, Piallago. The program runs from 24 September through to 16 October.  There are so many beautiful and inspiring events, and some exquisite segments to add beauty and the warmth of hospitality to your home. And, as we all know here in the region, Piallago is one of those places that just makes you feel better!

You will note if you look carefully at the Botanica Program, which is well worth a closer look, that Saturday, 8 October, features the fantastic Bison Bake Off  amidst so many other beautiful and inspiring events. As Brian describes it… “It’s a nailbiting and tummy rumbling event of calorific proportions… Prepare for tears and cake knives at 40 paces… complete with the judging talents of the local CWA”

How fun does this sound… and not only that but the proceeds of this great event and 10% of all of the Bison retail sales of the day, will generously be donated to Karinya House. We will be there! And we hope to see you there to..

If you are a baker – why not register here for the inaugural bison Bake Off!

We commend the entire three weeks of ‘Botanica’ – An exhibition celebrating Spring and Design in the bisonhome showroom. 8 Beltana Road, Piallago. Thank you Brian! What can we say? How simply fabulous!  ?☀️