Karinya House is pleased to present our Annual Report 2021-22.

We thank the team involved in compiling the report.  Special thanks to Liam Camilleri and Paper Monkey for the design work again this year, a gift in partnership with Karinya House. Their support is valued and appreciated, as is Liam’s wonderful skill in design and representation. Cover design by Stella Evans Art & Design.

The Annual Report reflects the impact of services provided for women during 2021-22 and includes executive reports.  We thank RSM Canberra, for audit services provided in respect of 2021-22 financial year, and we are pleased to present the unqualified Annual Financial Statements as part of this report.

We acknowledge each and every person, philanthropic, corporate and community partner, and the ACT Government, who walked alongside with us during 2021-22.

Remain as or become part of the Karinya Village during 2022-23, and beyond.