As happens every year, the wonderful and resilient women and families of Karinya have gathered to celebrate Christmas. This year the Christmas party was held in the City. With thanks to Sids and Kids ACT, this included a special tour of the “Christmas Lights in the City” and a bit of video fun from our staff and some of ‘our’ babies. One of our Caseworkers, Elissa, with a bit of help from caseworkers Kim and Cath, and other staff and volunteers on the day organised a wonderful event at Glebe Park. We always have a visit from Santa, and everyone has a bit of fun getting dressed up for the day. You can see photos from this wonderful event in our photo gallery.

The video was as requested by Sids and Kids ACT, and with thanks to Stewart Brooker and team for helping us at no cost, can be viewed at the “Lights in the City”. It can also be viewed here. Please remember though that our organisation isn’t specialised in video production, and our staff appear out of the goodness of their hearts! Thank you to our Women and friends who provided the babies. It is a bit of fun!

The Season of Christmas really is a special time of year, whatever it may mean to people. We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of the community at this time. The Christmas Appeal has been responded to with great warmth to date. We have received gifts for our client hampers from Merici College, the Nicholls Early Childhood Centre and many others. We know the Commonwealth Club is also collecting gifts for our older Karinya kids through their Giving Tree. At the same time, we are seeing the New Karinya being constructed and it will mean a wonderful new place for many more women and their famileis following its completion. A place where they can find Home for a while, rebuild their Hope and perhaps envisage a new Horizon. As the 2015 year draws to a close, it has for all of us here at Karinya been a momentous one. No doubt in your own lives the year for you too has had its moments of all things that are life itself. We sincerely thank you for being with us throughout 2015 and for cheering us on. We wish you and all those you care for all the very best of the Christmas Season and into the New Year of 2016 – Peace, love, joy, hope… Thank you!