This Easter time has been such a special one so far. We have so many joyful stories to share with you…

Kevin’s Karinya Easter Story

Kevin is our new volunteer gardener who came in at just the perfect time. Our previous gardener, Alex has just retired after being our gardener for just over 13 years. Kevin emailed Marie-Louise (Executive Director) and Luisa (Property Manager/ Senior Caseworker) about his special Easter story and we thought it should be shared. It writes…

“Dear Marie-Louise and Luisa.
I received a lovely surprise yesterday when Easter Bunny visited the garden shed. It was extra special because (Client A) was the person who left my gift.
And (Client B) gave me a freshly baked Anzac biscuit, which was delicious!
I think small, kind gestures like these have the most positive impact, and they certainly brightened my already good day.
Best wishes for a safe and happy Easter.



F45 Training – Katie and the team at Tuggeranong (pictured left) organised for all centres in Canberra to accept donations from their clients. We received many chocolate eggs and bunnies as well as some toiletries to gift the women we walk alongside.

Ashley Markovic (pictured right) is an individual supporter who runs a cake decorating business Simply the Sweetest. She has donated 20 gift baskets full of assorted Easter chocolates. So heartwarming. We are so grateful to F45 and Ashley.

Easter Egg Hunt: Last Thursday, the women we walk alongside enjoyed a fantastic Easter Egg Hunt with their little ones. There was so much chocolate thanks to F45 Training and Ashley who made our Easter egg-stra special!

From the women we support…

We have been absolutely spoilt with Easter treats gifted by the women we support! From delicious homemade treats to many, many chocolates… we enjoyed every delicious sweet and we are so touched and grateful to the women for making us smile even more.

Staff working over Easter

Karinya House operates on a twenty-four hour, seven days a week basis which means Staff spend their Easter time supporting the women we walk alongside. We would like to take this time to recognise all Karinya House Staff who work over the Easter Period – every shift, every hour of every day..

Best wishes to all this Easter

Our thanks to all who have provided ample Easter joy to share. How simply fantastic! We are humbled often here at Karinya… and often many times during each day.