Karinya House is governed by a voluntary Committee as you would all know, who provide welcome and insightful service through their commitment to Karinya House. The current Committee President is Karinya Founder, the wonderful, Margaret O’Donovan.

On the ground at Karinya House, the team is comprised of a group of inspiring women, all working under the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Award (SCHADS).

Given retirements (of long term team members) and other changes across the team as life journeys unfold, we thought it may be of interest to provide a current outline of the Karinya Team.

All weekday staff at Karinya House are part-time, between 24 to 35 hours per week. Support workers are generally casual or part-time.

Lavinia leads as the Chief Executive Officer.

Executive Officer and Grants Officer – Ellen

The Care Team comprises:

  • Services Directors – Catherine and Belinda
  • Senior Caseworker – Property Manager – Luisa
  • Senior Caseworker – Nichola
  • Caseworkers – Sonya, Imogen, Rivierre, Rachael
  • Casework Navigators – Millie and Esther
  • Residential Support Coordinator – Marike
  • Maternal Health Workers – Alexandra (Parental Leave), with Mary-Ellen providing current maternal health support.
  • Support Workers (Overnight and Weekend on-site support) – Alex, Bonnie, Chenisse, Karen, Kathy, Maddi, Perri, Priya, Shavaun

Supporting Karinya services, the Finance and Administration team comprises:

  • Finance and Business Manager – Jo
  • Finance and Administration Officer – Sarah
  • Partnerships and Events Manager – Alison
  • Administration Officer (including ‘Front of House’) – Karen

As the graphic image depicts, it may often be that members of the Care Team take the time to have a coffee with a woman as they develop and navigate co-designed plans aiming toward her goals. Areas of focus are Safety, Housing, Support Networks, Legal Issues, Health and Wellbeing, Financial health, Children, Work and Learning, Empowerment and Self-Esteem.

The journey takes time and space, and it is often this gift – of time and space – and unlimited support, which embraces each woman, throughout her time with Karinya by her side.

“You can tell staff really care about their job, ’cause they’re always around. That’s because they care about us.”

“Karinya House gave me the safety and time to heal.”

“Karinya provided really practical support and guidance to me when I needed it the most. The staff were really understanding and were honest about how hard it is to have a little baby. The staff showed me how to do things, so I could learn to care for my baby myself. I appreciate that Karinya didn’t do it for me, but showed me the way.”

Thank you for supporting the gift of time and space, and supporting our mission to ensure each woman is surrounded by the support she needs.

You can read more about Karinya House here.

Image with thanks to @stellaevans_art