A woman we supported through her journey called again recently. As she said herself, she is “doing really well”.

The woman was so pleased to let us know she now has her older child in her full time care. The little baby she had whilst living at Karinya House, was also looking gorgeous.  Mum said, “both children are happy and healthy and doing really well at day care”. (and Mum seems very happy too!)

Achievement was evident as she shared news that she had completed the new parenting course and all the other courses that had been scheduled whilst staying at Karinya.

The woman had moved from Karinya House following successful allocation of social housing through Housing ACT and not long after, she felt safe and secure enough to close the support period with Karinya House.

Since then, the woman had been able to enjoy the home she has since created.  As she was proud to disclose, she is studying a Community Services course now and is loving it – she feels she has a lot to offer given she knows how it feels.   The woman advised she no longer has a mental health diagnosis and is off all medications. She said she is so proud of herself for not giving up and working really hard.

She knows Karinya did not give up on her either.

She stated her life was great and she is really happy. She had insight into her relationship with her parents and her children and whilst she said she feels guilty for the beginning of their lives, this is not letting that hold her back as she knows she is doing all she can now to be a wonderful mother.   It was a pleasure and a joy to see her and the children look so well.

We are supporting this woman again, with a little practical assistance, due to costs of childcare impacting the household budget, as well as that affirmation that she is doing great! Something we all need from time to time.

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