You may recall Karinya House launched its end of year, 30 June 2018, financial appeal, way back in May. 

We were almost $250,000 short of our end of year financial target for Donations and Fundraising, non Government revenue. Falling this short would have significantly impacted our services for 2018/2019.  Instead we finished just short of our target, and we have therefore been able to continue to walk alongside around 40 inspiring women at any one time, into this current financial year.  It is almost that time of year again as yes we again have a very big ask. We are about to call on you all to dig deep this May and June, to see us work into and throughout 2019/20!

One of the donations we received in June 2018 came from a very unexpected source.  We would like to thank @restorehopeaus and Bianca Rinehart, who established @restorehopeaus in honour of her Grandmother, Hope Margaret Hancock.

“If you are doing something useful and you enjoy doing it, that’s the essence of life” – Hope Hancock  (@restorehopeaus )

In the most extraordinary and understated direct gifting of donations to grassroots charities all across Australia, Ms Rinehart distributed over $1m …. posting this message on Twitter on 29 June 2018.

This donation program was conducted through an online call out by @restorehopeaus for recommendations of grass roots organisations across Australia. We thank @1DaveRae who recommended Karinya House.  The very generous donation we received from @restorehopeaus has been a significant part of the funding for our services in the July to September 2018. This donation has supported over 350 direct hours of one with one support for women we are currently walking alongside.

We value and respect the framework of giving established through @restorehopeaus. We would like to publicly acknowledge the support Karinya House  received from @restorehopeaus in June 2018. It certainly made a difference to us.

We congratulate @restorehopeaus for the determination to invest directly in the lives of some of the most inspiring and courageous members of our society.

We also congratulate the Board on the now newly established Restore Hope Australia Foundation. The investment in lives made by this Foundation are investments that speak with respect and recognition. Thank you.

This post has been published with permission, following the recent visit to Karinya House by Krystal Barter, Board Member and Executive Cirector of the Restore Hope Australia Foundation.