This Christmas Time we are giving thanks.  However you celebrate this time in our calendar year, between the old and the new years, over the southern hemisphere summer, we invite you to ponder the women supported by our community, through Karinya House.

We have so much love and gratitude to everyone who has supported Karinya House over 2021. It has been a tough year for many, particularly the last half.

A Christmas Time Gift in 2021 – Donate Here

If you are making your donation as a gift for Friends of Family, you are welcome to print this beautiful eCard to give them.

The beginning of the year saw some return to ‘normal’ as the impact of COVID-19 lessened.  The support of the community over the January to June 2021 period was immense and we finished the financial year in a good position moving forward to this second half of the year.  The impact of the second wave of COVID-19 has been much more sustained and direct in these past months and we have seen the stress it has added to the lives of women we walk alongside as well as to our Canberra Region community.

Locally, we continue to witness the all-embracing strength and resilience of the Canberra Region Community and the strong and positive response from the ACT Government.  The strong and resilient women we walk alongside have also been embraced with love and support by our Canberra Region Community.

Karinya services are people intense.  The greatest gifts of service we give are gifts of time, space, being present, standing alongside, sitting with, listening and hearing, supporting…   Our Karinya Team are the most valued asset our organisation has. Your donations, very single one, has supported and sustained this team in full throughout 2021.  We have seen, not unexpectedly, some slowing in financial donations to Karinya House, as the financial impacts of COVID-19 continue to reverberate across our community.

We thank each and every one of you for your donations to Karinya House during 2021.  We realise the impacts of Covid-19 continue to be far reaching. We thank you for your continued and tangible respect and recognition for the women we walk alongside and your support of Karinya House throughout. You have continued to recognise that every woman who is pregnant or parenting a new baby should be surrounded with the support she needs. Thank you.

The beautiful artwork for this year’s Christmas Appeal, created and donated by our ‘resident artist’, Stephanie Corkhill-Hyles, is titled “Surrounded by Love and Support“. The brief was something to describe the Karinya Village. We love this year’s image! We hope you do also.  May it be something that brings hope.

You are welcome to support our 2021 Christmas Time Appeal via the links below.  If you are making your donation as a gift for Friends of Family, you are welcome to print this beautiful eCard to give them.