Moving to a new city is daunting. Having your first baby is beyond it. Try combining the two.  Seeking a fresh start, one woman did exactly that. Heavily pregnant with her first child and on her way to a new city, Rachel* was determined to do everything in her power to bring her child into a safe, supporting and loving home.

Through this determination Rachel recognised she was not in the best environment to bring up a baby, having just a small caravan for her family. Rachel was in a challenging living situation which she knew was making it difficult for her to be the mother she wanted to be. A safe environment and helping hand was what she needed.

This is when Rachel discovered Karinya House and through her time there, she was able to recognise how capable she was. She learnt new skills and gained confidence in herself. Karinya House found bravery in Rachel. The support of Karinya House enabled Rachel to leave an abusive relationship and take the steps to protect herself and her baby.

As Rachel’s confidence grew, she reconnected with past family relationships and her parents were eager to be a part of their child and grandchild’s life. When Rachel left Karinya House she was proud to have cooked her family a meal, from a recipe learnt at Karinya House.

Every woman has a different story. The past 20 years have not seen two women the same. This month we will continue to share with you the stories of the people of Karinya House.

* Names and situations have been changed and merged. Stock images purchased from a third party have been used. Any similarity to a person is therefore coincidental, as the stories here will represent aspects of stories of many women who have found some time and space through their Karinya experience.