At just 15 years old no one can imagine being prepared to take on the world alone, set up a home and care for a baby.

Like many of the women passing through Karinya, one of our young mothers did just that. When we meet young women like this, the innate resilience that can be discovered through just a helping hand and a safe and supportive environment, never ceases to amaze us. Ella had made the tough decision to remove herself from her family home due to prevalent violence and drug abuse, ultimately doing what was best for herself and her baby.

Ella was seeking the confidence needed to care for a baby. Through determination, perseverance and the support of Karinya house she began to thrive as a mother. Attending a range of educational groups, therapeutic playgroups and learning from the mothers around her, Ella’s self-confidence gradually grew.

At just 16, Karinya supported Ella and her baby in the big move to their own home. Ella did everything to support herself and her baby. At just 17, Ella was proud of the home she had made, enjoyed the visits from caseworkers and friends. This young mother thrives from the love and support she has established around her little family.

Ella is a true hero in our eyes.

Every woman has a different story. The past 20 years have not seen two women the same.

These are the stories of the people of Karinya House.

* Names and situations have been changed and merged. Stock images purchased from a third party have been used. Any similarity to a person is therefore coincidental, as the stories here will represent aspects of stories of many women who have found some time and space through their Karinya experience.